In 2006, the PPGCC received an award through the "Technical Highlight in Informatics" award in the Education category. The prize is awarded by the Society of Users of Information Technology and Telecommunications of Pará (SUCESU-PA) and aims to enhance and encourage the development of the information and communication technology sector in the state of Pará. importance that the PPGCC has for society, both locally and regionally, through the qualification of professionals who contribute to technological and social development in the Amazon region. Among these contributions we can highlight the projects CELCOM APPS and VoxLaPS, led by the teachers Aldebaro Barreto da Rocha Klautau Junior and Nelson Cruz Sampaio Neto, respectively. The first project is the development of software aimed at monitoring the health of the population in rural communities, inspired by a prestigious software developed at the University of California, San Diego. The second project aims at the implementation and free availability of a vocoder in code-free for mobile devices to assist in the communication and treatment of people with speech impairment, whether by neurological, physical, emotional or cognitive factors, making them, in this way, more independent and able to perform satisfactorily their basic daily activities.