Enrollment procedure for STUDENTS REGULARLY ENROLLED:

1. Enrollments must be made online through the Integrated Academic Activities Management System - SIGAA, including new students.

2. Students who have completed all course credits must enroll in one of the defense activities (Dissertation, Qualification or Thesis).

3. Students already enrolled in previous semesters in defense activities (Dissertation, Qualification or Thesis), must renew their enrollment at SIGAA.

4. Students with doubts about their enrollment should contact the PPGCC Secretariat within the enrollment period.

5. For new students, the steps for the first access can be found in the Enrollment Manual - SIGAA UFPA.


Enrollment procedure for SPECIAL STUDENTS:

1. The advisor professor who wishes to indicate a student as a special student must fill in the form indicated by the coordination. 

2. If there is more than one student indicated as special, the advisor must fill out the form once for each student. 

3. The requests made by the professors can be viewed in the Special Students Enrollment Request Control. 

4. Requests will be met according to the order of indications and availability of vacancies. 

5. Appointed students must inform their personal data and submit documentation in the Special Student Enrollment Form. 

6. The result of the registration will be made available by email to all students indicated after the registration of regular students.