Internship in Teaching




The Collegiate of the Faculty of Computing (FACOMP) and the Collegiate of the Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPGCC), provide in this document the guidelines for the Internship in Teaching, in line with Resolution n.º 73/2010 - CAPES and with the internal regulations of the PPGCC.

Article 1 - The teaching internship comprises the participation of regular PPGCC students in teaching activities in undergraduate disciplines with the purpose of improving their didactic and pedagogical training.

Article 2 - The exercise of the duties of a teaching intern does not release him from any of his academic duties. The internship cannot coincide with days and times of other FACOMP or PPGCC didactic activities, interrupting or harming your training.

Article 3 - The teaching intern, with the consent of his or her supervisor teacher in the program, must apply to do the teaching internship and choose three disciplines from the available offers , in order of preference, who will do their internship in teaching.

Article 4 - The criteria for choosing the disciplines to be offered and the number of vacancies for each discipline, on an annual basis and in a specific public notice, are instituted within the scope of FACOMP and its collegiate.

Article 5 - In case of a lower offer of discipline with internship by FACOMP, it is allowed that the teaching intern, according to their need and will, carry out their internship in other disciplines correlated in content with the areas of the PPGCC in agreement with your supervisor teacher.

Article 6 - The teaching intern must prepare, in agreement with the professor of the discipline, the Activity Plan (ANNEX I), referring to each of the activities that will be developed as: ( I) practical class, (II) monitoring, (III) class preparation and (IV) correction of tests and assignments (activities), before starting the internship.

Article 7 - The professor of the subject must constantly supervise and monitor the teaching intern during his/her internship.

Article 8 - At the end of the discipline, the teaching intern must prepare the PPGCC Teaching Internship Report (ANNEX II) to consolidate the conclusion of the discipline, being signed by the intern in teaching, by the subject teacher and by the advisor teacher. This report must be delivered to the program secretariat for launching the concept.

Article 9 - Under no circumstances should the teaching intern assume full responsibility for teaching the subject.

Article 10 - The activities to be performed by the teaching intern are:

  • Conduct practical and theoretical classes with the presence of the subject's teacher;
  • Assist undergraduate students with solving exercises, clarifying doubts and other activities to support learning, related to the discipline of the internship, preferably in an on-call model with an appointment, for greater convenience of the intern and of the teacher of the subject;
  • Correct tests and activities;
  • Lesson planning;
  • Planning and leading group discussions and seminars;
  • Assist in the preparation of didactic material;
  • The preparation of the PPGCC Teaching Internship Report (Annex II);
  • The sum of activities should not exceed six hours (6 hours) per week.

Article 11 - The professor of the subject is responsible for:

  • Control the frequency established in the teaching intern's proposal;
  • Continuously guide the tasks proposed to the teaching intern;
  • Evaluate the activities of the teaching intern and issue a conclusive opinion in the Teaching Internship Report at the end of the Internship.

Article 12 - Omissions will be resolved jointly by FACOMP and PPGCC collegiate bodies.


Collegiate of the Faculty of Computing

Collegiate of the Graduate Program in Computer Science